Airbnb hosts No Worriez got your back

Safety and Money-Saving for Airbnb hosts with Gas Timer

Airbnb hosts, No Worriez got your back!

Gas grills are a popular amenity for Airbnb guests who want to enjoy outdoor cooking and dining. However, gas grills also pose some safety and cost issues for Airbnb hosts, such as gas leaks, fire hazards, and excessive gas usage. 

No Worriez Gas Timer – the ultimate solution for every Airbnb host to ensure worry-free management and cost-saving from unnecessary waste of propane gas. And not limited to gas grills, you can also install the timer on gas fire pits, heaters, or other gas appliances.

No Worriez gas timer for Airbnb hosts managing use

Peace of Mind, Anytime

Hosting comes with its responsibilities, but worrying about the grill being left on shouldn't be one of them. No more sleepless nights wondering if the grill is still on, or the guest left without turning off the gas valve. The gas timer shut off valve from No Worriez automatically turns off your gas supply, and limits the usage of propane up to 1 hour.

No Worriez Propane Gas Automatic Shut Off Timer

Prevent Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be dangerous and costly. With our automatic gas shut off valve, you will minimize the risk of leaks by ensuring the grill is only on when needed. It's a small investment for a safer gas-using environment, and prevents extra gas usage.

Guest Safety First

Provide a safe and worry-free environment for your guests. The automatic shut-off function ensures that the propane supply is automatically cut off, minimizing the risk of gas-related incidents. Your guests' safety is being taken care of.

Protect guest safety with No Worriez gas timer

Happy Guests, Happy Reviews

Impress your guests with a thoughtfully equipped space. The Gas Grill Shut-Off Timer adds an extra layer of convenience, showcasing your commitment to their safety. Happy guests mean positive reviews and repeat bookings!

Small investment, Big refund

No more checking the grill or dealing with gas-related concerns. Our Shut-Off Timer optimizes gas usage, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective hosting experience. It's the small investment that pays off in safety and operational efficiency.


A delightful experience, It's your turn now!

User review for Airbnb host propane gas management cost saving

Inspired by our customer's review. If you're an Airbnb host providing services with gas appliances like grills and fire tables, you'll find great utility in our product. Enhance guest safety, add an extra layer of property protection, and decrease management costs!

Recommended product model: ORIGINAL--- Your best companion for grills and gas appliances: A reliable gas timer valve that's easy to install and operates smoothly, limiting usage time to 1 hour for cost savings!


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