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Gas Grill Shut Off Timer - With 3/8" Flared Assy.

Gas Grill Shut Off Timer - With 3/8" Flared Assy.


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Featuring an automatically shut off function, the gas timer can be applied to the outdoor gas grill, pizza oven , fire pits…etc. Serves as an extra layer of safety and brings peace of mind.

This model is an easy-installation kit, provided with a pre-assembled propane hose and connectors. The gas timer's Inlet & Outlet are 3/8" Flare Male and Female Connectors.

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ORIGIN Series: Auto Shut Off Gas Timer

Your best companion for gas grills! A reliable gas timer valve that is easy to install and operates smoothly, mechanical design and battery-free, works perfectly to secure the gas safety and brings peace of mind.

  • Original Gas timer flexible hose connection series plug-and-play add-ons

    Assy. Kit for Easy Installation

    For model BGP-GTS-01, the gas timer is provided with a pre-assembled propane hose and a 3/8-inch NPT male connector, allowing users to build the connections between the propane tank and the gas grill with ease. You don’t have to figure out all the complicated specs of accessories;

    No Worriez takes care of it!

  • No Worriez gas timer can be set from 0 to 60 minutes and auto-off to turn off the gas

    Auto-Off Timer Valve: Dial the timer up to 60 minutes

    The gas timer offers a range of time intervals from 0 to 60 minutes. Its auto-off feature ensures that the gas supply is automatically shut off at the set time, reducing the gas wastage and enhancing home safety.

  • Gas timer is essential for gas grill users
  • Gas timer apply to gas fire pit or DIY building
  • Gas timer can apply to patio heater
  • Gas timer apply to gas pizza oven

  • No Worriez gas timer is no need for batteries and all-weather durable easy to install

    With No Worriez, You Are All Set

    • Installable on any gas appliances
    • All-weather durability design
    • Easy Installation
    • No need for batteries

  • Flexibility in Mounting Your Gas Timer

    No Worriez gas timer provides two methods to mount your gas timer

    1. Secure with cable tie
    2. Secure with screws; the spec of the thread hole on the back is #10-24 (3/16-24)

  • No Worriez gas timer is CSA certified and compliant with IP43 standards

    Industry Standard, Superior Quality

    No Worriez gas timers are CSA certified and compliant with IP43 standards.

    *The CSA mark demonstrates that a product has been rigorously tested to applicable standards.

    *IP43: Protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimeter. Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical.

No Worriez Gas Timer, Brings You Peace of Mind

Set the timer, and it will remember to shut off the gas even when you forget! You can use it for a relaxing grilling, or an easy clean up. No Worriez gas timer, your best gas grill shut off timer valve.

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Product Information

Product Information
Product Name Gas Grill Shut off Timer
Item Model
Features 100% mechanical operated device, no battery needed.
Item Dimensions
15.7x3.9x2.4 inches
Product Dimensions
8.4x6.6x2.4 inches
Product Weight 1.5 LBS
Max Output 80,000 B.T.U., Propane Gas @ 1.53 SP. @ 11” w.c
Water Resistance IP43
Certification CSA
Manufacturer NO WORRIEZ International Corp.
Country of Origin Taiwan
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available Oct. 01, 2021


No Worriez gas timer user manual (BGP-GTS-01)

Product Name: Gas Grill Shut Off Timer with Flared Assembly Kit (60 MIN)
Model number: BGP-GTS-01


-For outdoor and residential devices only.

-IMPORTANT: To initially set up the timer, ensure the grill, gas tank and timer are all in turn off position and turn the dial clockwise past the 60-minute mark first and then turn it counter-clockwise to the “OFF” position. This is a one-time requirement for activating the mechanical timer.

- Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm- See for more information.

- CAUTION: Installing gas appliances can be dangerous. Although NO WORRIEZ Timer provides information supporting DIY efforts, all gas connections should be made by a professional gas installer. We advise working with a certified NFI Gas Specialist. Start your search here:

-Important Note:
If you want to set the timer less than 20 minute mark, ensure to turn the dial over the 60 minute mark, and then turn the dial back to the time you want to set. For example, if you’re setting for 10 or 15 minutes.
If under long term not using, please turn the dial clockwise past the 60 minute mark first and then tur n it counter clockwise to the “OFF” position. This is a one time requirement for activating the mechanical timer.
We recommend do it once a while to keep dial spring in perfect working condition.