DUO Series

Featuring 'Bypass' function, served with a continuous gas supply mode. You can seamlessly switch between auto-off timer and 'Bypass' mode.


High pressure 5-psi capacity, ensuring superior performance. Recommended for commercial use.


Your best companion for gas grills: a reliable gas timer valve that is easy to install and operates smoothly, works perfectly to secure the safety of people and properties.

No Worriez Gas Timer Collections

No Worriez gas timer is crafted with a mechanical structure, no batteries needed. The timer automatically shuts off the gas supply according to the time you set, with a scale range from 0 to 60 minutes, preventing gas/liquid propane waste and ensuring safety. It's compatible with gas appliances like grills, pizza ovens, fire pits, and patio heaters.


Choose the appropriate accessories for a DIY installation.