1. Will this work with a natural gas BBQ also?
A: NO WORRIEZ gas timer works with natural gas BBQ as well, you only need to add extra adapter to nature gas hose properly.

2. What kind of natural gas adapter should I use ?
A: We would recommend you to use 3/8'' natural gas hose quick connect or 3/8'' NPT to 3/8'' flare.

3. Can this timer work with both Natural and Propane Gas?
A: Yes, Our products work just as easily with Natural Gas as it does Propane. No extra process required.

4. Will it fit my Grill?
A: 3/8 Inch fits the most Consumer grils, either propane or natural gas, & 1/2 inch flared timer is for some upgraded hi-performance Grills. Please choose right size to fit your grill.

5. Why is there no gas flow after setting up my Timer?
A: Please follow these steps to solve the problem.
1. Make sure everything is fit tightly
2. Make sure you are operating at normal gas pressure
3. Check the propane tanks overflow has not kicked in and shut down gas coming from the tank. (This happens if the tank is left unscrewed and the gas pressure gets high)

6. How much gas flow pressure can the timer handle?
A: A residential gas timer is requied to handles up to 0.5PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests. As the the operating gas pressure in real world may vary, No Worriez Timer is designed to handle up to 2 psi. Please check up your home gas pressure prior to purchasing. (Propane or Natural Gas. Please Read Instructions for safe use)
A warm reminder: When the gas operating pressure exceeds the limit of 1/2 psi, the timer may be shut off. No worries, just turn off the gas for a few minutes and timer will be back to normal in the most of cases.
Or you can refer to this product, COMMANDO 1/2" NPT FEMALE (BGSH-GT-01S), which can handle up to 5 PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests.

7. What is the normal gas pressure for residential devices?
A: LP gas (liquid petroleum gas) appliances operate at about 0.4 psi of LP gas at typical residential appliances or in more detail: A common operating pressure for liquid petroleum or LP gas appliance is 10" - 11" of water column (WC) or re-stating this in equivalent measures, that's 27.4 millibars or 2491 - 2739 Pascals or Pa, or about 0.36 - 0.40 psi or about 5.78 to 6.36 ounces of pressure per square inch.
Natural gas for residential use is approximately 1/4 psi, or 8″ W.C. (water column pressure). This is classified as “low pressure”.Natural gas pressures in the building gas piping between the gas meter and the appliance regulator is typically about 7.5 to 8" wc (about 0.27-0.29 psi) and needs to be at least 0.25 psi to meet the appliance regulator's output requirements.

8. I got the low propane flow, what should I do?
A: Please reset the your propane regulator on grill, search Youtube for related videos as reference.

9. Why does the propane tank feel full but gas timer not work?
A: The most common cause is “excess flow” releasing a unrestricted, full flow of gas from the tank.
Follow the instructions to check the gas timer if it is ok
1.Turn off your grill, timer, and propane tank.
2.Reset the your propane regulator on grill
3.If not working, reset your propane tank
4.Turn on propane tank, the timer, then your grill slowly and carefully.
Please search Youtube for related videos as reference.

10. Can I use the timer for commercial devices?
Not for Commercial Use. NO WORRIEZ is designed for household use.

11. Can I use timer with the adjustable regulator?
Our product does not decide to work with adjustable regulator. In case, your pressure less than 2 psi, don’t worry, our timer will be fine.
Or you can refer to this product, COMMANDO 1/2" NPT FEMALE (BGSH-GT-01S), which can handle up to 5 PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests.

12. Do I need special tools to assemble?
A: A: No, a simple fixed end or adjustable wrench will be sufficient. If using a torque wrench, set it to 300 lbf in (or 400 lbf in if changing out the factory provided hose).

13. Can this product be used on other items, too?
A: Yes, the NO WORRIEZ shut off timer will also work with gas powered outdoor fire pits or space heaters.

14. Where can I find a longer hose and/or connector?
A: The hoses and/or connectors are available for purchase through most commercial hardware stores.
The fittings are standard and common sizes.

15. How can I clean my grill grates with the timer?
A: We suggest to set the timer at 20 mi
n. or less to clean your grill.

16. What is the thread size specification of the tapped holes on the back of the timer?
A: The thread spec is 3/16 24.