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Q1. I have some product issues, how could I get help?

A: Please refer to this page’s troubleshooting guidelines first. 

If you follow the troubleshooting instructions but are still unable to fix the issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us (email to: support@noworrieztimer.com), and provide basic information as below, so that we can help you out as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Q2. My gas timer seems not working, what should I do?

A: Please turn the dial clockwise past the 60-minute mark first and then turn it counter-clockwise to the “OFF” position for activating the mechanical timer. You could do like 2-3 times to activate the spring. Also, we recommend rewinding the dial a few times periodically to keep dial spring in perfect working condition. 

Q3. Why is there no gas flow after setting up my Timer?

A: Please follow these steps to solve the problem.

  1. Make sure everything is fit tightly
  2. Make sure you are operating at normal gas pressure
  3. Check that the propane tank's safety feature (overflow protection device) hasn't been triggered, as this would stop gas from flowing out of the tank. This can happen if the tank isn't screwed in tightly or if the gas pressure gets too high.

Q4. I got the low propane flow, what should I do?

A: Please reset your propane regulator on the grill, search Youtube for related videos as reference.

Q5. Why does the propane tank feel full but the gas timer does not work?

A: The most common cause is “excess flow” releasing an unrestricted, full flow of gas from the tank.

Follow the instructions to check the gas timer if it is ok

1.Turn off your grill, timer, and propane tank.

2.Reset the your propane regulator on the grill

3.If not working, reset your propane tank

4.Turn on the propane tank, the timer, then your grill slowly and carefully.

Please search Youtube for related videos as reference.

About Installations

Q1. Will the gas timer work with a natural gas BBQ also?

A: NO WORRIEZ gas timer works with natural gas BBQ as well, only you will need to add an extra adapter to natural gas hose properly.

Q2. What kind of natural gas adapter should I use ?

A: We would recommend you to use 3/8'' natural gas hose quick connect or 3/8'' NPT to 3/8'' flare.

Q3. Will it fit my Grill?

A: 3/8 Inch fits the most consumer grills, either propane or natural gas, & 1/2 inch flared timer is for some upgraded hi-performance Grills. Please choose the product equipped with the right size connections to fit your grill.

Q4. Do I need special tools to assemble?

A: No, a simple fixed end or adjustable wrench will be sufficient. If using a torque wrench, set it to 300 lbf in (or 400 lbf in if changing out the factory provided hose).

Q5. Can this product be used with items other than gas grills?

A: Yes, the NO WORRIEZ shut off timer will also work with several gas appliances, such as pizza ovens, gas powered outdoor fire pits or space heaters.

Q6-1. When I need a longer hose for connections, what can I do?

A: Some of our gas timer products served with a pre-assembled propane hose, including the model #BGP-GTS-01 and #BG-GTS-01. For these two models, the pre-assembled propane hose has been fixed with thread-locking fluid applied. Please do not attempt to disassemble or replace it. To extend the length, please attach a hose connector fitting to the end and add an additional longer hose as needed.

For greater installation flexibility, we recommend models with separate hose attachments, such as #BGP-GTS-05 and #BG-GTS-05. With these models, you can replace the propane hose with one of your desired length and simply connect it to the built-in connectors.

The propane hoses and connectors are available at most commercial hardware stores. The required fittings use standard, common sizes.

Q6-2. Can I replace the hose and/or connectors with the one I tend to use? 

A: If your model includes pre-assembled connectors or a propane hose, it's important to note that they are secured with thread-locking fluid. Please do not attempt to disassemble or replace them, as this could cause damage. You may make extensions based on it.

If you prefer a more customizable setup, consider single-unit products like #BGP-GT-01, #BGPS-GT-01, #BGP-GTW-01, or #BGSH-GT-01S. With these models, you'll need to purchase the connecting components separately, such as the propane hose and connectors. This allows you to customize the setup with the exact components you need.

Q7. How to fix the gas timer on my propane gas grill?

We provide two solutions for you, please find a way works best for you.

(1) Mounting with Zip Tie

There are two rectangular holes where you can feed a zip tie through, allowing you to secure it to an object or surface.

(2) Mounting with Screws:

The three threads on the back are designed for #10-24 screws (3/16"-24). Choose an ideal spot on the side of your grill and secure it with screws to attach.

Q8. Can the gas timer be installed on its side? i.e. inlet/outlet vertical not horizontal?

A: The orientation doesn't affect the functionality of the timer. Our gas timer can be installed vertically, with the inlet and outlet positioned vertically.

Q9. I detected a gas leak near the gas timer’s inlet/outlet side. How can I fix it?

A: Please wrap the threaded connection with Teflon tape and tighten it. If the gas leak persists after doing this, stop using the device immediately and contact us for further assistance. (Refer to 'Troubleshooting-Q1' for more information.)

Q10. Can I use the timer for commercial devices?

A: Not for Commercial Use. NO WORRIEZ is designed for household use.

Q11. Can I use the timer with an adjustable regulator?

A: Our product was not designed to work with an adjustable regulator. In case, your pressure is less than 2 psi, don’t worry, our timer will be fine. 

Or you can refer to the product model #BGSH-GT-01S (Gas Timer w/Bypass function & 5 psi - Commando 1/2" NPT Female), which can handle up to 5 PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests.


Q12. Do you have a template for drill the mounting holes?

A: Yes. Please click the following link to download the full size mounting template in PDF format. 

Download here: Mounting Template

No Worriez Gas Timer Mounting Template Full Size PDF format
Q13. Is there an in and out direction? 
A: Yes. There are marks on the body of the gas timer indicating the IN and OUT connection sides. 

IN - You should connect the propane/gas supply to the IN side of the gas timer to allow gas to pass through the timer’s valve.
OUT - Connect the OUT side of the timer to the gas grill. We also make a sticker indicate this side is "To The Grill"

IMPORTANT: The gas valve of the timer is directional, if the gas pressure comes from the wrong side, it can damage the gas valve and cause the timer’s function to fail.
No Worriez gas timer in and out installation direction

About Specifications

Q1. How much gas flow pressure can the timer handle?

A: A residential gas timer is required to handle up to 0.5PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests. As the operating gas pressure in the real world may vary, No Worriez Timer is designed to handle up to 2 psi. Please check your home gas pressure prior to purchasing. (Propane or Natural Gas. Please Read Instructions for safe use)

A warm reminder: When the gas operating pressure exceeds the limit of 1/2 psi, the timer may be shut off. No worries, just turn off the gas for a few minutes and the timer will be back to normal in most cases.

Or you can refer to the product model #BGSH-GT-01S (Gas Timer w/Bypass function & 5 psi - Commando 1/2" NPT Female), which can handle up to 5 PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests.

Q2. What is the normal gas pressure for residential devices?

A: LP gas (liquid petroleum gas) appliances operate at about 0.4 psi of LP gas at typical residential appliances or in more detail: A common operating pressure for liquid petroleum or LP gas appliance is 10" - 11" of water column (WC) or re-stating this in equivalent measures, that's 27.4 millibars or 2491 - 2739 Pascals or Pa, or about 0.36 - 0.40 psi or about 5.78 to 6.36 ounces of pressure per square inch.

Natural gas for residential use is approximately 1/4 psi, or 8″ W.C. (water column pressure). This is classified as “low pressure”.Natural gas pressures in the building gas piping between the gas meter and the appliance regulator is typically about 7.5 to 8" wc (about 0.27-0.29 psi) and needs to be at least 0.25 psi to meet the appliance regulator's output requirements.

Q3. What is the thread size specification of the tapped holes on the back of the timer?

A: The specification of the three screw holes on the back is #10-24 screws(3/16-24), which have a diameter of 3/16 inch and a thread count of 24 threads per inch.

Q4. What type of thread are the hose connections? I have 3/8" BSP. Are these NPT?

A: Although 3/8" BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper) and NPT (National Pipe Thread) are similar, they are not the same. BSPT has a 55-degree thread angle, while NPT has a 60-degree angle. This means that an NPT fitting can fit into a BSPT connection, but it might not create a proper seal. You can use a BSP-to-NPT adapter to convert between the two. For safety and best results, we recommend having a professional do the installation.

Q5. Do you make a timer capable of 120,000 BTUH or larger? 

A: For 5 psi timer #BGSH-GT-01S (Gas Timer w/Bypass function & 5 psi - Commando 1/2" NPT Female)

Our max output will be like that:

<600,000 BTU/hr, Propane Gas @ 1.55 SP. @ 34.5” w.c.

About Operations

Q1. How to set the timer? 

A: No Worriez gas timers are mechanical design. To ensure its longevity, please follow the setting method. 

Getting Started: Full-Turn and Dial Back.
1. Rotate the timer dial fully to the 50-60 minute position.
2. Dial the timer back to the OFF position.
3. Repeat the process 2-3 times for full functionality.

Required for Every Use!
Fully rotate the timer dial to 50-60 minute position then dial back to the specific time interval for setting your desired time.

Q2. How can I clean my grill grates with the timer?

A: We suggest setting the timer between 10 to 20 min to clean your grill.

Q3. Does the No Worriez Shut Off Timer valve have an open position where the gas can flow without using the timer?

A: Yes. Please choose our ‘DUO’ series gas timer, model #BG-GTS-01 and #BG-GTS-05. These models are crafted with a ‘Bypass’ function, you can seamlessly switch between auto-off timer and continuous gas supply mode, for much more flexibility of grilling usage. 

Q4. Do I still need to turn off the main gas valve at the grill if it is already turned off by the No Worries Timer, or can I just leave the main valve on and turn off the grill?

A: As a general guideline, make sure to turn off the burner after the timer has stopped. If not, the gas could ignite abruptly when you turn on the gas timer the next time. If you're done using the grill for a while, we still recommend turning off the main gas valve, even when the gas timer is in place. Safety is always the top priority.