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No Worriez Gas Timer

To Make Safety Simple

Your asset's safety matters. That's why our gas timer exists. From grills to fire pits,Easy self-installation for peace of mind.

About Us
  • gas fire pit at night

    Airbnb Host

    Install the gas timer on gas appliances such as grills, fire pits, fire tables, etc., limiting gas usage to up to 1 hour, saving costs, and ensuring guests' safety.

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  • fire escape on old apartment

    Rental Property Owner

    The convenience of the automatic shut-off function, preventing the risk of gas-related incidents and ensuring responsible usage. This not only promotes safety but also contributes to cost savings and efficient management.

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Secure every moment, with No Worriez, you're all set.

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Protect your assets

The protector of assets and the ultimate gatekeeper for your home. It not only safeguards your precious assets but also ensures the safety of your home. Simple to operate,an easier life,allowing you to fully immerse yourself in family and life.

Gas timer is suitable for various gas appliances

Suitable for any gas product

This timer is specially designed for gas products,ensuring a more relaxed life. No more worries about gas usage.

No Worriez gas timer is easy to install

Easy to Install

No need for Pro help! Our Gas Timer offers a breeze of self-installation,Enjoy hassle-free convenience.

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Transform your outdoor cooking into perfection with reliable gas timers!