Elevating Safety Standards for Short-Term Rentals

Elevating Safety Standards for Short-Term Rentals

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Short term rentals cabin house safety standards


In the ever-growing world of short-term rentals, safety has become a paramount concern for both guests and property owners. Recognizing this need, Sevier County has recently implemented an inspection program for short-term rental units, setting new standards for ensuring the well-being of visitors and the integrity of rental properties. This proactive initiative not only enhances the overall guest experience but also provides an opportunity for rental unit owners to elevate their safety measures and stay ahead of the curve.

 “ Beginning January 1, 2024, all short-term rental units in Sevier County outside of city limits will be required to have an annual permit issued, followed by a yearly inspection. “ 

~The News Post from Sevier County


 At No Worriez, we recognize the significance of this initiative and are proud to offer our gas timer products as a simple yet effective solution to enhance the safety standards of your shorter rental units.

Automatic Shut-Off Function: Safety In Mind

The 60-minute automatic shut-off function of our propane gas timers serves as an additional layer of safety, addressing the concern of occupants forgetting to turn off the propane gas supply. By limiting the usage of propane gas to a predetermined time frame, our propane tank timer valve offers a cost-effective solution while promoting responsible gas usage.

Automatic shut off gas supply

Easy Installation: Effortless Setup for Property Owners

Our best-selling model, the "BGP-GTS-01," is designed for easy installation with its assembled flared hose and plug-and-play add-ons kit. Property owners can complete the installation effortlessly, ensuring convenience and efficiency in enhancing the safety standards of their short-term rental houses.

Original Gas timer flexible hose connection series plug-and-play add-ons

Wide-Application: Compatible with Various Gas Appliances

The versatility of No Worriez gas timers extends to their compatibility with various gas appliances, including propane gas grills, fire pits, patio heaters, and pizza ovens. These amenities, while enhancing the outdoor experience for guests, also pose potential risks if not properly managed. The flexibility allows property owners to enhance the safety of their rental units without compromising on functionality or convenience.

Gas timer is suitable for various gas appliances

Quality Assurance: CSA Certification

Our propane gas timers have undergone rigorous testing and certification processes, including CSA approval and compliance with IP43 standards for water resistance. This commitment to quality and durability ensures that our products meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, enhancing propane grill safety.

A Thoughtful Improvement for Vacation Rentals

Beyond safety considerations, the No Worriez gas grill shut off timer offers additional benefits that can elevate the guest experience. By providing a worry-free outdoor cooking and entertaining environment, guests can fully immerse themselves in the vacation atmosphere, creating lasting memories without the stress of managing gas-powered appliances.

Moreover, the automatic shut-off feature ensures efficient gas usage, reducing wastage and contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective operation for property owners. This attention to detail and commitment to guest satisfaction can translate into positive reviews and increased bookings, further solidifying the vacation rental home's reputation and success in the competitive short-term rental market.

A Thoughtful Improvement for Vacation Rentals


As the inspection program for short-term rental units becomes increasingly stringent, property owners and management companies are seeking reliable solutions to enhance the safety standards of their properties. No Worriez gas timer products offer a practical and effective solution, providing peace of mind to property owners and occupants alike. Invest in No Worriez gas timers today and elevate the safety standards of your short-term rental units with confidence.

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