No Worriez auto-off gas timer commando 5 psi

Code: Commando-the 5 Psi High-Pressure Model

Code: Commando

In the challenging world of outdoor cooking, having control over your grilling setup is essential. Imagine a gas timer shut off valve that not only provides you with the flexibility to tailor your timer settings but also empowers you to withstand 5 psi high-pressure appliances - that's where the NO WORRIEZ Gas Timer “ Commando” steps in.

No Worriez Commando gas timer with bypass function 5 psi capability

Flexible Time Setup

Just set the timer, grill the perfect steak and walk away knowing you're all set. The NO WORRIEZ shutoff timer features a rugged and water resistant design that requires no special tools to install, and it is a mechanical gas grill timer, no need for batteries to use it.

Incredible 5 Psi high pressure spec tailored for large stoves

Bypass Functionality for Convenience

Featuring an innovative design, the NO WORRIEZ gas timer enables you to never forget to shut off the gas or without the necessity to remove the timer to the continuous gas flow.

2 Steps to Activate Bypass Function

Press the bypass button and turn it to the left to enter bypass mode. Turn it to the right to ‘off’, and it will make a clicking sound to deactivate the bypass feature.

Designed for Every Griller's Convenience

NO WORRIEZ understands the diverse needs of grillers, and that's why it boasts an innovative design with a flexible mounting structure. This feature enables you to install the gas valve timer on any gas appliance, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your grilling setup. The modern mechanical design allows you to operate the dial smoothly and easily, providing an unmatched user experience. (Patent Pending)

Commando gas timer is installable on gas appliance no need for batteries

Industry Standard, Superior Quality

When it comes to safety, reliability, and quality, NO WORRIEZ sets the industry standard. This gas timer has not only been crafted for every griller but has also passed CSA and met IP43 standards for functioning safely without electricity. This commitment to excellence ensures that your grilling experience is not only enjoyable but also secure. It is the protector of assets and the ultimate gatekeeper for your home.

No worriez gas timer CSA certified and compliant with IP43 standards

NO WORRIEZ is not just about innovation and safety; it's about simplicity too. This gas timer is designed to be easy to operate, making it accessible for every griller, from beginners to seasoned BBQ masters. Maintaining the timer is a piece of cake, adding to the overall convenience of this essential grilling tool. Simple to operate,an easier life,allowing you to fully immerse yourself in family and life.

Multiple Applications

The NO WORRIEZ Gas Timer is a versatile companion for a range of outdoor appliances. Whether you're firing up the BBQ grill, baking in a pizza oven, enjoying the warmth of a fire pit, or indulging in a turkey fryer feast, this gas timer is designed to work seamlessly with them all. Now, you can relish your outdoor activities with absolute peace of mind, knowing that NO WORRIEZ has your back!

 No Worriez propane gas timer is suitable for multiple scenarios

More than a Gas Timer

Our story began with a vision: to make safety simple. No Worriez 5-psi gas timer “Commando” is a revolutionary addition to your grilling arsenal. Elevate your grilling experience with innovation, safety, and the convenience of a product designed with you in mind. Embrace worry-free grilling and unlock a new level of control over your outdoor cooking adventures. Upgrade to NO WORRIEZ and let the flavor-filled memories begin!

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