Gas Timer Q&A: How Do I Mount the Gas Timer on My Grill

Gas Timer Q&A: How Do I Mount the Gas Timer on My Grill

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Building Up Your Gas Grill with A Gas Timer

When you get a gas timer, you might wonder how to attach it to your propane gas grill. In this blog post, we'll show you how to make the process easier and highlight some unique features of our gas timer products!

No Worriez Propane Timer Fixed on Gas Grill

Two Easy Mounting Options

Two mounting solutions of fixing gas timer on the grill

The gas timer is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to mount it easily using two different methods:

Plan A. Mounting with Zip Ties

One of the simplest approaches is to use zip ties. The gas timer has two rectangular holes where you can feed a zip tie through, allowing you to secure it to the grill's frame, or any other suitable surface or object near your grilling station.

Plan B. Mounting with Screws

For a more solid mounting solution, you can use screws. The back of the gas timer has three threaded holes designed for #10-24 screws (with a thread size of 3/16"-24). Simply choose an ideal spot on the side of your grill cart, and secure the timer in place using appropriate screws.

Unleash Your Inner Grill Master

No matter which mounting method you choose, the gas timer puts precision grilling control with a simple twist. Set up the ideal time, the automatic propane timer valve will take care of shutting off the gas supply. No Worriez gas timer is your reliable companion for backyard grilling.


Fire Up with Your Creativity and DIY Spirit

While the mounting options give you flexibility, don't be afraid to get creative! The gas timer is designed to be adapted to your unique grilling needs and setup. If you have a custom grill cart or want to mount it in a specific location, feel free to develop your own DIY solution - just be sure it's secure, you have the flexibility to find a mounting approach that works best for your grilling style and routine. Let your creativity shine while ensuring maximum convenience and safety.



A gas timer is an invaluable tool for every grill enthusiast. By automatically controlling the gas flow, it ensures you never have to worry about running out of propane mid-cook. Plus, it provides precision timing, so you can concentrate on getting those grill marks just right.

Feel free to choose the most convenient mounting methods for you, install it with zip ties or screws, find the perfect spot, secure it in place, then have an exciting grilling time!

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