The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a BBQ Timer

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a BBQ Timer

Picture this: you're in the backyard grilling some beautiful steaks. You get distracted, and suddenly you realize that you've forgotten to check the temperature of your steak. Your guests wander over to see when dinner will be ready and find that you've burned it all.

If only you had a BBQ timer, this never would have happened! We're here to help you ensure your grilled food turns out perfectly.

Backyard barbecuing is fun, and the summer BBQ is a tradition for many families. If you're in the market for a BBQ timer, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know when choosing a timer for your gas or propane BBQ grill.

It will become one of your favorite BBQ accessories.

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What Exactly Is a BBQ Timer?

One of the most important aspects of cooking is timing. Just a few minutes over or under the ideal time can wreck your meal. This is especially true when you're grilling meat on a gas BBQ.

A BBQ timer is much more than a simple timer on your phone. This device actually turns off the gas after a preselected time. Since most great grillers know precisely how long steaks and burgers take to cook, you can set the No Worriez timer to your preferred time and walk away. 

The gas will automatically shut off after the pre-selected time runs out.

If you plan to take a beverage or chat break from grilling, you may still want to set an alert on your phone. But you can do so with peace of mind—your BBQ dinner will be piping hot and ready to serve to your friends and family when you return.

The Features to Look For in a BBQ Timer

Many gas BBQ grills are expensive, and you want your grill accessories to be high quality and made to last. No Worriez has you covered with expertly designed parts and features in all of our types of timers.

Our timers come in two convenient sizes with 3/8 or 1/2 inch fittings to ensure you have the right equipment for the job.

One feature that stands out is the ease of installation.

First, be sure the propane or gas is turned off. Next, attach the flare fitting from the gas source hose on one side of the timer.

Then, attach the flare fitting on the hose to the grill on the other side. Finally, use an adjustable wrench to tighten the flare fittings.

And you're done!

Ease of use is also an essential feature of a BBQ timer. Our timer has several mounting options, so it's never too far out of reach. Just be sure to mount it at least 18 inches away from the heat source.

Once installation is complete, you'll need to activate your timer. But don't worry, it's a simple, one-time-only step. Just turn the timer clockwise past the sixty-minute mark, then turn it counter-clockwise back to the "off" position.

This timer is also portable. If you're going camping, you can bring it along to use on a smaller gas or propane grill.

The No Worriez BBQ timer also works great for natural gas grills!

Safety comes first, and our timer comes with detailed DIY instructions.

But suppose you'd prefer not to install the timer yourself. In that case, we recommend contacting an expert at the National Fireplace Institute to ensure everything is fitted correctly and the device functions as designed.

The Benefits of Using a BBQ Timer

The number one benefit of using a No Worriez BBQ timer is safety.

Even the most experienced BBQ master might occasionally forget about shutting off the gas. With this BBQ timer, you can set it and forget it without risking overcooked meat or, far worse, a fire.

A BBQ timer also helps regulate your natural gas or propane usage. If the gas is left on after your meal finishes cooking, you could potentially waste an entire tank of propane. This timer prevents that problem, saving you money.

Did you know you can use this timer for other propane-powered devices?

Say you’re relaxing by the fire pit with that someone special on a cool fall evening. If you get sleepy, you don't need to worry about the cozy fire staying on longer than necessary. Just set the timer and settle into your evening, safe in the knowledge you won’t waste propane or run the risk of the fire getting out of control.

Why Our BBQ Timer Can Change the Way You Grill

A simple Google search for BBQ timers brings up timers designed for cooking times. However, those timers only alert you when your cut of meat might be done. Our BBQ timer focuses on safety but can also function as a cooking timer.

For instance, a rib-eye steak should be grilled for about ten minutes; then, it must rest for five minutes. You can set the No Worriez timer for ten minutes, and the gas will shut off. Lift the lid of your BBQ, and your steaks can rest in place until they're ready to serve.

If you're ready to try more adventurous grilling, this timer will also come in handy.

Cooking a whole turkey on the grill is easy and frees up your kitchen space for side dish preparation.

A turkey takes about three hours to cook on the grill but still needs basting every hour. You can set your timer at sixty-minute increments and baste each time the gas shuts off. You’ll have a perfectly roasted and basted bird ready for your vacation dinner.

This timer is also helpful for other cuts of meat that need more cooking time.

Get Your No Worriez BBQ Timer Today!

Are you ready to add another level of safety to your grilling game and turn out expertly cooked food every time?

Don't worry about distractions while you're grilling. Our BBQ timer options will shut your gas off at the predetermined time—every time!

Browse our site today and check out our types of BBQ timers.

We're currently offering a summer sale, and you'll get a 10% discount and free shipping when you buy one No Worriez timer. Our timers also make great gifts, so buy three or more timers, and you'll get 15% off and free shipping.

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BBQ season is upon us, so be sure you're prepared with our one-of-a-kind BBQ timer.

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