Greetings! Friends in Canada! We are Now at Your Service

Greetings! Friends in Canada! We are Now at Your Service

Canada, No Worriez, You’re All Set!

We are excited to announce that No Worriez gas timers are now ready to ship to Canada! Just place your order on our website, check out the order with the price in CAD, fill in your Canadian address, and look forward to your package arriving! Let’s enjoy precise grilling with peace of mind!

Greetings Friends in Canada No Worriez gas timer is ready to ship to you

Welcome to Canada Storefront

Visit No Worriez home page, you can see the option to shop in Canada is now officially active! The system should redirect you to the right storefront for your country, if not, you can still click the option to set it to Canada, then start your shopping journey!

No Worriez Official Website Opened Canada Market Option

Shop with Price in CAD

As you set the region to Canada, the listed product prices are also changed accordingly. Now all the prices are shown in Canadian dollars(CAD), helping you to better understand the price and value of the product, and make your ideal shopping decision.

Shopping No Worriez Gas Timer in Canadian dollar

Automatically Shut Off Function, Prevent Wasted Usage

We understand that propane grills are quite common in Canada. We are more than happy to share the peace of mind provided by No Worriez gas timer products to you guys!


Your best companion for propane grills: a reliable gas timer valve that is easy to install and operates smoothly, precisely. It works perfectly to secure the safety of people and properties. Features of shutting off the gas supply according to the set-up time interval up to 60 minutes, you can prevent wasted propane gas, as you may forget to turn off the propane tank or the grills valve occasionally, leaving you with an empty propane tank and frustration.

Easy Installation and Operation

The central idea of No Worriez is to make safety simple. Our gas timer products are well-built with premium production quality and materials. Some series of gas timers are served with pre-assembled connections, helping end users install on their propane grills effortlessly. Please visit this article: “How to Choose the Ideal Gas Grill Timer Model” for details of choosing the appropriate products for you.


Although equipped with a precision-engineered mechanical core, the operation method is quite simple, all you have to do is rotating the knob fully and then dial it to the desired time length, you can then enjoy a worry-free outdoor cooking experience, as you know that the gas timer valve will ensure to shut off the propane gas supply automatically.


Welcome a No Worriez Grilling Season!

With No Worriez gas timer, having an extra layer of home safety. Set ideal grilling times, it will shut off gas automatically, enhance safety of properties and reduce wasted usage of propane gas. Perfect for your journey on outdoor BBQs or baking with a pizza oven. This summer, let’s enjoy a worry-free outdoor cooking festival! 


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