No Worriez 5 PSI Gas Timer is made for commercial grade application

Commercial-Grade: No Worriez 5 PSI Gas Timer


No Worriez 5PSI Gas Timer at Your Service

In a business scenario, you will need a stronger fire, instant ignition, and consistent gas flow for large stoves, big grills to handle the high volumes of food. With the commercial use in mind, No Worriez ‘Commando’ 5-PSI high pressure gas timer is at your service! 

Product Insight

5-PSI High-Pressure Capacity 

No Worriez gas timers are CSA certified, the 'Commando' gas timer can handle up to 5 PSI of gas pressure per CSA requests. A higher PSI means a stronger gas flow, providing a powerful and steady gas supply. That is, installing this gas timer is aligned with the demand of a more powerful burner heat output, ideal for commercial use with instant ignition needs.

Flexibility of ‘Bypass’ Function

‘Commando’ gas timer brings flexibility for different scenarios! It has built-in bypass mode ready for use, which provides an option of continuous gas supply for a long time grilling or cooking usage. Sometimes, you may need a cooking time longer than an hour, without a ‘Bypass’ mode, you have to dial the timer again and again which is exhausting. But with the creative ‘Bypass’ mode, now you can have a perfect balance between auto-off timer and continuous gas supply valve.



Although the ‘Commando’ 5PSI gas timer has advanced functionality, the design is aligned with the core spirit of No Worriez, “To make safety simple”. This model is provided with a single-unit product, which contains only the main gas timer device; it allows you to pick-up the appropriate connectors and propane hoses to complete the connections.With some simple screws in and fasten with wrenches, you can have everything under control, build up the most ideal grill setup by yourself! (Welcome to visit FAQ page for more information:


The gas timer Inlet & Outlet are 1/2-inch NPT Female. 100% mechanical operated device, no battery needed. 

Max Output: <600,000 BTU/hr, Propane Gas @ 1.55 SP. @ 34.5” w.c.

Water Resistance Level: IP43

Certification: CSA

Product Dimensions: 4.2x3.4x2.5 inches (LxWxH)

Product Weight: 0.9 LB

Wide Applications

No Worriez high-pressure gas time is compatible with several gas appliances, including the grills we are all familiar with, and the good partner pizza ovens. Others like the outdoor fire pit and patio heater are also workable. And our gas timer does not only support the devices consuming liquid propane, but also the natural gas supply ones.*

*Please note that you will need to add an extra adapter to connect the natural gas hose properly. We would recommend you to use 3/8'' natural gas hose quick connect or 3/8'' NPT to 3/8'' flare. For safety and best results, we recommend having a professional do the installation.


When you have a chill and relax grilling time in the backyard, you can make good use of our basic series gas timer which has a capacity of 0.5 PSI. But when it comes to commercial-grade usage, it’s a whole different story. No Worriez ‘Commando’ series is crafted for this, focusing on fulfilling the upgrade requirements of commercial uses. This gas timer is equipped with 1 ⁄ 2 '' inlet and outlet, having the high-pressure 5PSI capacity to handle the demand for larger gas flow, supporting the business usage of cooking high volumes of food and the power of heating.  If you are looking for a gas timer which meets the advanced requirements for commercial grade, No Worriez is the answer!

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